Hearing Loop Installation Testimonials in Wisconsin

Here’s What Our Customers & Loop Advocates Have To Say...

*You both gave me a whole new world that I never thought I would ever hear. Priceless and very happy. 

Thank you so much.” Kathy, Menasha WI.

*I am delighted that they (The Getty Museum, Los Angeles CA.) arranged for their installation with an

experienced and well-trained hearing loop contractor- Dave Scroggins -who has developed a reputation

for doing quality installations in the Midwest.” Dr. David Myers, Hope College, Holland MI.

*Your gift of time, evaluation of system, equipment, installation, promptness,

expertise is truly extravagant generosity! Your kindness and patience in helping dad use

and understand the t-coil means so much to us.” Rheta, Waupaca WI.

*DRS Sound was so easy to work with. They visited us several times to make sure we were informed

as to what the Hearing Loop would do, and the process of putting it in, and what we could expect for

the end result. Their crew was a pleasure to work with and very informative. I would highly suggest this

company for your Hearing Loop needs.” Carla, Church Administer at Peace Lutheran, Green Bay, WI.

*Your outstanding work, customer service and treating customers with respect are

excellent traits of DRS Sound” HLAA, Fox Valley Chapter, WI.

*Dave Scroggins is one of these trained installers, no doubt the most experienced in Wisconsin

and arguably among the very best in the country. He is known for his professional expertise, honesty,

and sincerity about helping others.” Dr. Juliette Sterkens, AuD & Hearing Loop Advocate of America!

*Your service and caring is unlike any other!” Dave & Brenda, Plymouth WI.